Ooo  buddies!  I´m sooo tired of me mum. Anybody want to change?

She writes a lot on my computer, she´s at work, she´s running around dissy and like mad at home. Doing ”thousend things needed to be done”. And she whines about pains in her body.

Pa is like allways, at work or at home. When he´s at home, I´m in his comfy lap.

Have been catmassaging and puuurring. A bit on bouth of them. Pa puurred too.

Waited patiently when she slept and did´nt sing untill six a clock this morning. About opening of  the door. Nope, she said. Pa slept and did not hear.

Got breakfast, but not out. Was brushed and cuddled, but it´s not the same(as getting out)

Then I have been  guarding her carefully while she has done her duty as my secretary. And readed a lot of papers and other news. And drank her coffee. Yack, smelled it, NOT good!

She hade to take the keyboard on her lap. I wanted to sit on the table. Some things fell of, pawed them of my way. Unimportant things.

Have checked carefully in every corner after mousees, found only dusties. And toy mousees. Which I DO NOT play with, even if mom says so. They must have moved by them selfs.

Have been checking out for the dier, who somehow came in to my yard ower the fence. It thinks the birdseeds are for it. Mom scared it away.  I could have done it.  If they´d  let me out.

So, here I lay and wait for my twoleggeds to get a move on, then I may get to sneak out.

A bit sour, but hansome, eh?

Have a nice saturday!

(Pelle has been operated on, hence no patrolling outside)