I´m playing with my dad from under moms chair.  He does not think I can see that hairy thing he´s dragging around.  I´ll  catch it!

I´m trainign my dad in how to play.

Running before him to show him what to do. Hiding, so he has to find me.

I can hear him, a lot. His slippers are makin a lot of noise. But our floors are cold, and not having fur on his paws he needs them. So I allways know where he is, he´s not good at sneaking around.

He has got theese finnish manslippers,  warm and cosy, called Risto. Funny with slippers with name.

My feet are only heard when I´m running up or down the stairs. Mom says it sounds like a small elefant running.  She likes elefants, I´ve heard. And me!