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I´m playing with my dad from under moms chair.  He does not think I can see that hairy thing he´s dragging around.  I´ll  catch it!

I´m trainign my dad in how to play.

Running before him to show him what to do. Hiding, so he has to find me.

I can hear him, a lot. His slippers are makin a lot of noise. But our floors are cold, and not having fur on his paws he needs them. So I allways know where he is, he´s not good at sneaking around.

He has got theese finnish manslippers,  warm and cosy, called Risto. Funny with slippers with name.

My feet are only heard when I´m running up or down the stairs. Mom says it sounds like a small elefant running.  She likes elefants, I´ve heard. And me!



Matte har roat mig med fågelläten.

Och husse. Han känner igen dem men kan inte vilken fågel. Jag kan såklart alla, matte en del.

Ute e det blött, isch!  Patrullerade men det e inte skojsigt alls, inte njutbart.

Då kan man gärna vara inne.

Matte klagade på att jag tog upp nästan hela sängen inatt, pfhht! Hon får väl maka på sig då! Låg visst på tvärsen, huvudet mot matte , framtassarna på henne(i ansiktet säger hon)och rumpa och baktassar mot husses rygg. Han borde akta mig, höll på att rulla över mig juh! Matte väckte honom när jag klagade, tur att någon hör så jag slapp flytta på mig.

Jag e inte bortskämd, bara väldigt omtyckt o älskad!

Nu ska jag göra klart för avfärd till kalas. Kompisen Tarzan fyller hela 12 år!

Tass tass!


For my english readers, please do not use mr Google, he does not speak swedish very good.

I´m of to a party, a friend cat, Tarzan becomes 12 years today!

Mom was playing with some singing birds this morning. Or their song actually. Dad can recognise the sounds but not the birds. I, of course, beeing a cat,  know them all, mom does know some. We have lot of birds here, as mom is feeding them now and the garden is full of food( insekts and stuff) in summer. Lucky me! Cat Tv is on every day! Good when it´s raining, like today. Was out, on patrol, but it was not enjoyable, not at all. Done, now I´ll just hang a round inside.

Mom told dad before that I was all ower the bed  this night. Head and paws on mom(in her face, she says), butt and backpaws on dads behind. He almost rolled ower me! Luckily mom awaked him when I protested. So I did not need to move.  He should really try to be careful in bed.