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Autumn is here

It´s september. Could in the morning. I´m in no rush to get out. Laying around, cuddling who ever is at home. My servants have returned to work. Summer holidays are over.

Nothing major to report. Some diplocattic talks ended not well.Bloodspill. No major enjuries. Got some scrathes.

And the naighbour has told on me, was talking to my dad. Happened to run in to their house. After their cats, in a big hurry. He counted, one, two, three cats… and HISSED at me. Turned around and got out quickly when I realised where I was.

There are still nice days, with sun and laying in the grass is GOOD



…slö sekreterare bara. Hon påstår att det finn annat att göra än hänga vid datorn. Jobba, peta i trädgården, sova. Ursäkter, ursäkter.

Hon sköter om min mathållning, pälsvård, påfyllning av goskontot, in- och utsläpp( inte helt nöjd där) i alla fall. Så inget skäl till oro.

Ha en god sommar!

…just a lazy secretary. She claims there is other things to to, better than” hang around the computer”… Work, fixing in the garden, sleeping. Excuses, excuses.

She takes care of my food and fur, fills up the cuddle account, lets me in and out(not really happy there)  anyway. So no reason to worry.

Have a nice summer!